Pennsylvania reverses rulings against midwife Diane Goslin!

It’s about time we had some good news on the legal front.  Why are we allowing the financial and philosophical ‘competition’ to control this vital right of women to birth where and with whomever they desire?  Story follows:

In a stinging blow to both the Pennsylvania Medical Board and the Pennsylvania Medical Society, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court reversed all three rulings the PA Board of Medicine had issued against Diane Goslin:

– the Cease and Desist Order;

– the $10,000 fine for the unlicensed practice of medicine; and

– the $1,000 fine for the unlicensed practice of midwifery.

Pennsylvania midwife Diane Goslin may now legally attend births.

PA Commonwealth Court Justice Friedman opined that “practicing midwifery cannot be construed to be the same as practicing medicine…”  Therefore, the court reversed the egregious and erroneous PA Board of Medicine ruling.

Additionally, the Court found that the PA Medical “Board deprived [Diane Goslin] of due process” rights as required by Pennsylvania law.

The Court further pointed out that the 1985 PA Nurse-Midwifery Act, “…authorizes the Board to impose penalties only upon persons who practice as a nurse-midwife without a nurse-midwife license.”  Goslin practices as a Certified Professional Midwife.

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