Finally a place…

All my other blog sites have always been a mixture of personal, business, family, etc.  I wanted a space that was purely dedicated to all things birth and my involvement in it.  A place where I can rant about interventions, spread the news about new research, share the good experiences and ponder the more difficult ones.

I am a midwife.  In this journey I have learned much, but I never feel as if I have arrived.  I am on a quest for knowledge and don’t feel as if I’ll ever find the end of that path.  But each discovery only wets my appetite for more.

Today I had a prenatal visit with a mom who is slightly postdates.  While examining her I found instead of a head as a presenting part, an extremity instead.  But was it a hand or foot?  I felt distinctly each little knuckle, then followed their path to discover what was most likely fingers curled into a tiny fist.  Though it was through a thinned out uterus and sac, it was a sweet moment to be the first to shake hands with this new little person, yet unborn.  Let’s hope she moves her hand down and out of the way before labor ensues.  Soon I hope.