Find out where your state falls

Final 2005, preliminary 2006 stats from the CDC. See where your state falls in the number of unmarried mothers, mothers under 20, low birth weight, premature and cesarean births.

CDC state by state statistics

I knew that when our monthly birth announcements came out in the newspaper, it was a rare baby that was born to two parents, or parents with the same last name, but I was still surprised to see the statistic.

These statistics are a couple of years old. I have heard the newest averages for cesarean births are even higher. You KNOW that 1/3 of women can not be so dysfunctional in their births that they have to have their babies removed surgically. We don’t have that many women whose bodies weren’t designed to birth normally. It’s a national tragedy.

Case in point: I have a friend who is expecting baby #10. Her very first baby was delivered cesarean many years ago. Since then, she’s had every baby since vaginally with no problems. She had found a great OB and hospital (in another town) who would do VBACs and she always birthed there. With this pregnancy, she learned the hospital had decided it would no longer allow VBACs, so her OBs hands were tied. If she wanted to stay with the same OB practice, she would no longer be ‘allowed’ to deliver vaginally. She would be forced into having a repeat cesarean, just because she had one19 years and 9 babies ago. Is this the height of stupidity, or what?

She’s going to try a homebirth this time, so she can have her baby vaginally and not unnecessarily surgically.


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